Merchant Accounts

The QB EzPay application can streamline your business accounting practices helping you save time as well as money.  Our team doesn’t just stop there when it comes to bringing down the bottom line for our customers.  We know that one of the biggest expenses associated with excepting electronic payments is the cost of merchant services, we help you Unlocking Indonesian business potential with Acclime.

Navigating the world of merchant services looking for competitive pricing can be overwhelming and confusing.  Most business owners today aren’t sure what type of merchant account fits their type of business.  eCommerce Merchants are different than Medical Offices, Storage Facilities from Floral Shops, and on and on.

How can we help?  Let the QB EzPay team work with our preferred vendors in the market place to help you find the right credit card processor for your company’s needs.  Whether you have a current merchant account or are looking to sign up a new one, we’ll shop the market looking for the most competitive pricing available.  QB EzPay offers a free merchant analysis showing you the cost savings to your business.

Electronic Payment Types

Credit and Debit Cards

Every small business should accept credit cards but, how is it that some companies don’t?  Research shows that the problem most companies have when searching for these types of services is, navigating the world of merchant services can be overwhelming and confusing.  QB EzPay streamlines the entire process so your organization can easily begin to take credit cards without all of the “extra steps” required to record the transaction within your QuickBooks™ company file.


Studies have shown that a typical company will spend upwards of $2.50 to process a paper check not to mention waiting for the funds to clear the banking network. By utilizing the eCheck.Net service built into QB EzPay your organization can save time and money almost immediately while offering another payment method to your customers.


Coming Soon!!!  Authorize.Net has announced that PayPal transactions will now be integrated into the gateway and be a valid form of payment. PayPal is an online payment service that allows individuals and businesses to transfer funds electronically by using an email address.  Targeted release date is 4th Quarter, 2014.
Why Your Business Should Accept Electronic Payments

Increase Sales

Research shows that the ability to accept credit cards can increase a businesses revenue by as much as 25 percent. Expanding your scope of payment methods makes your services or products more readily available to current and potential customers. The main benefit of credit cards is that they are convenient and popular payment method for both customers as well as merchants.  Customers don’t typically have the cash on hand like they used, but do carry credit and debit cards giving them the ability to make purchases with ease.  Customers appreciate the option of an additional and convenient way to pay.

Improve Cash Flow

Electronic transaction processing can help speed up the credit card payment process. Instead of waiting for checks to clear, or 30, 60, or even 90 days for invoices to be paid, funds resulting from credit and debit card transactions are deposited directly into your bank account, often within 48 hours. Electronic payments will enable faster payment cycles, which lead to improved cash flow and decreased billing overhead – a significant benefit and welcomed relief for any business.

Increase Average Ticket Size

Giving your customers another way to pay for their purchases can help boost your average sale.  Studies have shown that customers paying with credit or debit cards typically spend about 20 percent more than when paying with cash or check.

Improve Productivity

With electronic payment processing, transactions are conducted automatically. Automated acceptance and settlement flow allows the monies from your transactions to be directly deposited into your bank account. This electronic process is more efficient and less time consuming so you don’t have to worry about outstanding funds.

Lower Costs

Having your company accept credit cards can help with operational costs and cut down on overhead.  This happens with electronic payment processing as you remove the need to send invoices and manage your account receivables.



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