What Is QB EzPay?

Bridging the gap between QuickBooks™ and the Authorize.Net™ Gateway, QB EzPay offers many powerful tools to support multiple payment needs associated with various business types. This powerful business software was built around the most popular Accounting Software on the market, QuickBooks.  QB EzPay makes it simple to process payments directly into QuickBooks eliminating double entry and guaranteeing your payments are entered correctly.         QB EzPay offers a broad range of functionality by adding more features and benefits than other product in the market.   QB EzPay worked with Business Owners, Accountants, and Merchant Industry Leaders to get a better idea of what Merchants needed to compliment their current accounting environment when working with QuickBooks.

Currently QuickBooks™ Desktop Pro, Premier, and Enterprise version 2009 or newer are supported.

Once installed, the QB EzPay application connects to your company file and acts as a plugin.  This registration allows you to access your customers list, items, receipts, items, invoices and other records through QB EzPay.  With this access, you can then process all your payment transactions from the QB EzPay application to the AuthorizeNet™ gateway and write them directly back to QuickBooks™.  Additionally, all of the features of the Authorize.Net™ Gateway become available for use as well like the CIM (Customer Information Manager) which allows you to safely store your customers payment methods and the ARB (Automated Recurring Billing) which allows you to schedule future automated transactions.

Core Components

Payment Processing

Accepting Credit Card and eCheck Payments is easy with the QB EzPay application.  Instantly apply payments to Sales Orders or Invoices as they are received, avoiding double entry and additional steps required by some plugins and applications.  QB EzPay supports key typed or swiped cards as well as sale, authorization, capture, refund, and void transactions.  more…

Saved Payment Methods

With QB EzPay your organization can safely store credit card and eCheck account information for your Customers in a safe PCI compliant manner.  By providing quick access to stored customer information, our software is ideal for any business that needs to access their stored methods and re-access them for future transactions.  more…

Scheduled Payments

QB EzPay makes scheduled and recurring payments easy for your organization.  Simply select an Invoice from QuickBooks™ and create a subscription that includes the customer’s payment information, billing amount, and payment schedule.  Once created, the recurring billing system takes over and processes future payments according to your specified settings.  more…

Tools and Reporting

Built with reporting and reconciliation in mind, QB EzPay gives you instant viewing access to all your transactions processed at Authorize.Net™.  You can view reports by batch, type and date and even export these transactions to excel when needed.  With the Reconcile Deposits feature you can audit transactions by date and perform deposits within QuickBooks™ automatically.  more…

Try Before You Buy

Register now and you can take advantage of our Free 30 Day Trial.  There’s no credit card required and you can start to download the software within minutes by simply filling out a small online registration form.  Once downloaded, you can begin using the full version of the software right away so you can explore many of the features and benefits the QB EzPay has to offer.  You can even run in full demo mode and simulate transactions to QuickBooks™ and Authorize.Net™.  If you like QB EzPay, simply sign up for a full license and your organization is ready to save time and money processing payments.


  • QuickBooks 2009 or Newer
  • Windows XP or Newer
  • Test or Live AuthorizeNet™ Account
  • Microsoft™ .Net Version 4 (Automatically Installed)
  • Intuit QBFC™ Version 11 (Automatically Installed)

A Merchant Services account is required to process live transactions through QB EzPay.  Click Here to learn more about how your organization accepts credit cards.


  • Card Swipe Reader
  • Report or Receipt Printer

Installation and Technical Support

QB EzPay has a full staff of support engineers waiting to help you use our products. Utilizing the latest tools available in the marketplace like online chat and help desk software, we can quickly solve most customer issues within minutes. With our Corporate Concierge service we can even install and configure the software for you and train your personnel how to use its many features.

  •  Direct Online Chat to Support Personnel within seconds
  •  Dedicated Helpdesk and Customer Support Site
  •  Toll Free Phone Support Included
  •  Online Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Searchable Knowledgebase
  •  Remote PC Support and Dial in Capabilities


If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.