QB EzPay - Payments Made Easy

Designed for use with QuickBooks™, QB EzPay makes Credit Card and Electronic Check processing simple and inexpensive for you and your organization.

Process Electronic Payments Today

Enhance your organizations flexibility by accepting Debit and Credit Card payments as well as eCheck/ACH directly to Invoices and Sales Receipts within QuickBooks.

Safe and Secure

Eliminate your PCI exposure by storing customer payment methods in a Safe and Secure environment outside of your QuickBooks company file to be used again anytime they are needed.

Flexible Scheduling

Quickly Schedule Future one time and recurring Payments from your Invoices within QuickBooks.  With the build it Payment Scheduler you can create virtually any automated billing plan required.

Transaction Import

Import All Your Authorize.Net™ Transactions directly into QuickBooks™ from sources like mobile processing apps, terminals and online stores.  Quickly create Invoices, Receipts, Payments, Sales and Purchase Orders while capturing all the Customer and Line Item details.

Reconciliation and Reporting

View, Print, and Export Batch and Transaction Reports as well as Reconcile your deposits within QuickBooks.  Find Missing and Out of Balance entries with a Click of a Button.

QB EzPay, Payments Made Easy

Designed for use with QuickBooks™, QB EzPay makes merchant processing simple and inexpensive for you and your organization.  Our software bridges the gap between the Authorize.Net™ gateway and your QB Company File giving you endless options for receiving payments.  Built with functionality in mind, QB EzPay allows you to process Credit Cards and eChecks directly into QuickBooks™ while safely storing those methods for future use.  You can even Schedule Future One Time and Recurring Payments with our easy to use interface.  QB EzPay also includes powerful tools like transaction and batch reporting, deposit and batch reconciliation, transaction and customer import tools and much more.

Payment Processing

Accepting Credit Card and eCheck Payments is easy with the QB EzPay application.  Instantly apply payments to Sales Orders or Invoices as they are received, avoiding double entry and additional steps required by some plugins and applications.  QB EzPay supports key typed or swiped cards as well as sale, authorization, capture, refund, and void transactions.

Safely Store Payment Methods

With QB EzPay your organization can safely store credit card and eCheck account information for your Customers in a safe PCI compliant manner.  By providing quick access to stored customer information, our software is ideal for any business that needs to access their stored methods and re-access them for future transactions.

Recurring Billing and Scheduled Payments

QB EzPay makes scheduled and recurring payments easy for your organization.  Simply select an Invoice from QuickBooks™ and create a subscription that includes the customer’s payment information, billing amount, and payment schedule.  Once created, the recurring billing system takes over and processes future payments according to your specified settings.

Powerful Tools and Reporting

Built with reporting and reconciliation in mind, QB EzPay gives you instant viewing access to all your transactions processed at Authorize.Net™.  You can view reports by batch, type and date and even export these transactions to excel when needed.  With the Reconcile Deposits feature you can audit transactions by date and perform deposits within QuickBooks™ automatically.




What some of our valuable customers are saying about QB EzPay and how it has helped their business.

Our Accountant loves this product as it’s easy to use. The amount of time she saves on a weekly basis using this software has allowed her to manage her workload more efficiently. This software is well worth the money for what it does.
Chuck Harding

Vice President, CGI, Inc.

Thanks to the QB EzPay product, we’ve been able to streamline our accounting process for our eCommerce and Field Sales. The biggest help to us is that it takes our QuickBooks Invoices/Sales Receipts, as well as our payment software, and combines them into one easy to use software.
Dino DePasquale

Vice President, Signature Safety

We really enjoy using this product as it’s helped us process our payments more quickly and accurately. Not only did we save time, but also money on the Merchant and Gateway Services they were able to supply. We highly recommend this product and their services.
Seth Fischer

President, Fischer Metal Products

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